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Friday, July 17, 2009

Soapy Sales!

While shopping a few years back at the interesting and ultimately wonderful Riverwood at 88 Main St. in Cooperstown, N.Y., we came across the Oneonta, N.Y.-based T.S. Pink line of soaps. Immediately falling in love with these unique soaps, we now make sure to purchase some more every time we visit Cooperstown. Colorful, natural and full of incredibly wonderful aromas, these rock-shaped soaps are infused with herbs, oils, and other wholesome ingredients that definitely go beyond your standard "natural" soap. The T.S. Pink soap-rocks clean very well, last a long time and, quite frankly, don't look like any other soap on the market. Next time you're in Cooperstown, definitely check out the Riverwood (selling crafts and other true works of art by local artists and artisans, Brighton purses and accessories, books, jewelry, leather goods, games and toys, etc.) and the T.S. Pink soaps they carry! You can also check out the T.S. Pink soap line here.

Editor's note: We have no vested interested in this soap line, so the info you read here is strictly from a personal experience. Plus, we like to smell good!

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