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Thursday, July 9, 2009

New York Pizzeria Comes to Cooperstown!

Opening July 4th with lines quickly assembling out the door, New York Pizzeria, at 75 Chestnut St., indeed experienced a welcoming debut. Clean, personable and with some of the best made-from-scratch Italian-style pizza we've sampled anywhere, we look forward to eating at New York Pizzeria during our future vacations. The homemade sauce and cheese blend, as well as the truly fresh eggplant and red pepper toppings, were absolutely phenomenal -- and quite noteworthy, given we are from the Boston area where some of the most renowned pizza places reside (Pizzeria Regina, Santarpio's, etc.). Take-out seemed to be the preferred mode when we visited, but New York Pizzeria (with its flagship restaurant in Richfield Springs, N.Y.) also features very pleasant, nicely renovated dining rooms with a moderate amount of seating. It's nice that Cooperstown finally has a pizza place that is running on all dining cylinders!

New York Pizzeria
75 Chestnut St.
Cooperstown, NY
Tel. (607) 547-2930

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